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Since 1997, we've been a community of Artists and Collectors with fresh items to share with the world. Anything Fresh was built from the ground up by founder: Maggie Guaico AKA Soluz who is an artist, DJ, a genius in jewelry and a lover of sustainable fashion. 
We are currently building our website but in the meantime, we are using this forum to share our story and vision with you!
The Beginning of Anything Fresh
Being a lover of all forms of art, Maggie decided to open up a shop in Southern California in the late 1990's. Her main goal was to build a stable support system which promoted artists that needed to be seen and heard. Maggie and a small team sold their products and showcased them at their events. All creatives were welcome; including but not limited to: Artists, photographers, bands, DJs, fashion designers, jewelry makers, etc. Anything Fresh was the inspiring force that brought many creatives together and provided the unconditional love and support they desperately needed.
How We Give Back
Although Maggie faced hardship with losing her store, she continued to hold onto her vision by giving back to the community and adding "Anything Fresh Families" to her small business. This philanthropic expansion focused on giving financial aid to families in need through donations and percentages of sales. 
Through our collective efforts and love for our community, we are able to donate to domestic violence + homeless shelters and families who are in need of our help.
How Anything Fresh Family works...
On our site, we sell unique items from different artists and vendors with an end goal to help families get back onto their feet. Items sold also include remixed vintage, handmade exclusive products, and donations given to us.
The items that are donated are sorted and distributed to families and shelters. If they can be recycled for resell, the profits from that sale will go to the families and shelters in need. We have a list of families that have reached out for help and since we are a small foundation, we are only able to help one at a time for the moment.
Current Shelters we are giving back to:
(FOCHP is our current selection for Animal item donations!)
  • If you purchase something from our creators or vendors on this site, 20% of the their sale goes to Anything Fresh Family to raise funds for the families and shelters.
  • If you decide to just make a donation, 100% of the money raised will go towards the fundraiser. Below, on our "Home" page, you can find the ways to donate directly. 
  • At any time, you may reach out to us at anythingfresh@gmail.com to find more information about the families, shelters, and updates.
Our Future Goal
Our future goal is to have a facility with a store front where we can accept donations, have therapy classes through art, music, dance, etc. and to support groups and classes to help our growth in life. 
We dream to have a space that also gives us the freedom to curate art shows, have a music studio, and an overall creative space where individuals can expand their abilities and showcase their talents. Basically " Anything Fresh"!

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